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Blackwell Law Firm, Houston Attorneys, Workplace InjuriesWorkplace accidents cause thousands of on-the-job injuries every year in Texas. If you have suffered a workplace injury, you are entitled to compensation for your financial losses. For many accident victims, there may be multiple sources of compensation in addition to workers compensation. If your injury was caused by the negligent behavior of another party, you may also be entitled to claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

At Blackwell Law Firm, our Houston, Texas workplace injury lawyers aggressively work to obtain the compensation our clients need to rebuild their lives and face the future.

We have extensive experience representing clients who have suffered workplace injuries caused by construction accidents, petrochemical accidents, offshore oil rig accidents, burns, electrocutions, explosions, and other industrial accidents.

When we take a workplace injury case, we are determined to prevail for our client. We understand the difficulties these cases can sometimes present to a work-related injury lawyer, but we also know the difference that success in a case can make in the lives of our clients. However, our focus is always on the future and what we can do to help our client recover or cope with the aftermath of the event.

In every case, our goal is to maximize the total compensation the client receives.

Do Not Sign Your Rights Away
If you have suffered a work injury, report it to your employer immediately. But do not talk with an insurance company representative or sign any insurance company document until you have consulted with an experienced work-related injury lawyer.

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