Houston Attorneys - Property Disputes

Blackwell Law Firm, Houston Attorneys, Property DisputesExposure to risk is a concern when buying or selling a home or developing commercial real estate. Litigation may be necessary when terms of a contract are violated. The lawyers at Blackwell Law Firm are experienced with real estate disputes both before and after the sale of property. Whether a dispute involves environmental contamination, financing, or the title or deed to a home, our firm is ready to help.

  • - Failure to disclose condition of house
  • - Faulty construction
  • - Leaky basement / roof
  • - Property liens
  • - Disputed title or deed
  • - Condominium covenants
  • - Escrow account disputes
  • - Home purchase agreements
  • - Environmental impact studies
  • - Land use / zoning disputes
  • - Contamination of soil or water
  • - Blight / eminent domain actions
  • - Explaining terms of the contract

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